TowerWise Retrofit Announcement

On Tuesday September 22 I had the pleasure in announcing the TowerWise Retrofit Project – a partnership between the Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF) and Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCH). TAF is investing $4.2 million to implement energy efficiency upgrades in seven TCH buildings across Toronto. This project will help create local jobs, improve the environment, reduce carbon emissions, save TCH money, and improve the health and comfort of TCH residents.


The wide range of upgrades in the selected TCH buildings will include the installation of low-flow faucets and toilets, high efficiency boilers, double-glazed windows, and LED lighting. This project is also expected to trim utility costs by 20% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30%. Data and results from the TowerWise Retrofit Project will be will be used to help inform the energy efficiency efforts of TCH, Toronto Hydro, the City, and other municipalities.


Supporting this partnership is one example of how the City is working hard to improve the quality of life for TCH residents. With further investment from all levels of government, I sincerely hope that we can make these types of projects a reality in all TCH buildings across Toronto.

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