Toronto's National Housing Strategy Submission

This fall, I was pleased to submit on behalf of City Council a comprehensive set of 6 strategic recommendations and 25 recommended actions that the Federal government can take to help address Canada’s housing crisis. Our submission to the Federal National Housing Strategy emphasizes the need for urgent and immediate actions across the broad spectrum of housing and homelessness issues.

Toronto’s submission calls for:

  • A National Housing Strategy that recognizes the right to safe, stable and affordable housing.
  • The preservation of social housing by providing additional funding to maintain a good state of repair including matching the City's $864 million investment in Toronto Community Housing’s capital repair backlog and that funding agreements with housing providers be extended and made permanent.
  • Providing more affordable ownership and rental housing by stimulating new affordable construction through financing, funding, regulatory changes and tax measures in addition to supporting the creation of new housing subsidies for households.
  • Support of a “Housing First” approach to ending homelessness that is flexible to meet local needs and provide a doubling of federal homelessness funding resources to meet this goal.
  • A commitment to long term funding stability with a $12.6 billion allocation from the Social infrastructure Fund in addition to reviewing and strengthening the public policy mandate of CMHC to develop a new relationship between all levels of government and housing stakeholders.

You can read Toronto’s entire National Housing Strategy submission by clicking here.

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