Toronto BIAs Data and Ward 18 BIA Listing

There are currently 81 BIAs in Toronto, the largest number in any single jurisdiction, yes even more then New York who refer to their program as Business Improvement Districts (BIDs).

BIAs are a powerful voice for Business in Toronto, they represent:

  • 35,000 Businesses
  • 17,000 properties
  • $46 Billion in total Assessment

BIAs collectively account for almost half of all commercial and industrial property taxes in Toronto ($1.3 Billion in taxes annually - $600 million of which goes to the province as BET)

BIAs collectively employ over 470,000 people (35% of total city of Toronto employment)

BIAs levy themselves $34 Million annually in addition to the taxes they pay all levels of government

There are some 850 (Including Councillors) volunteer board members who collectively contribute over 25,000 volunteer man hours to their community.

Information provided by John Kiru, Executive Director - TABIA - Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas from his presentation to Provincial Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs about Toronto’s BIAs 


BIAs_W18.JPGWard 18 BIAs:




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