TCHC launches ‘Close the Housing Gap’ campaign

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Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) and the city have launched a new campaign to encourage the province and the federal government to continue funding for social housing.[/caption]

The Closing the Housing Gap campaign also hopes to get new, long-term funding for social housing capital repairs.

Campaign co-chair Councillor Ana Bailão said the city is working hard to put people first but there is only so much they can do.

“There is still a housing gap which can only be closed through new and ongoing funding from Ottawa and Queen’s Park,” she said at the campaign’s announcement on Monday. “Raising property taxes is not the answer.”

The TCHC says last year the city received approximately $161.3 million from Ottawa but by 2017 that funding will decline by $33.4 million and reach zero by 2031.

“We are working hard with the city’s help to raise money we need to keep all of our buildings in good repair,” Bud Purves, Campaign Co-Chair and Chair of the Toronto Community Housing Board, said. “But with our aging buildings, the repair backlog will continue to grow in the coming years unless the federal and provincial governments step up.”

The Close the Gap campaign will use bus shelter posters, buttons, pamphlets, postcards, public events and other means to spread the message to the public.

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