Toronto Community Housing campaigns for stable source of funding for capital repairs

National Post |Megan O’Toole | 13/06/25 3:41 AM ET


The city and Toronto Community Housing launched an opening salvo Monday in their new battle to secure more provincial and federal dollars for social housing.

The “Close the Housing Gap” advocacy campaign — which points out that federal contributions to social housing, which totalled more than $160-million in 2012, are on track to hit zero within two decades — calls on Ottawa and Queen’s Park to provide a stable source of funding for capital repairs.

“This is not only an issue that is important for people that need or live in social housing. This is an issue for every Torontonian,” said campaign co-chair Councillor Ana Bailao.

“Every Torontonian that pays property taxes is at risk of having their taxes increased just to maintain the status quo if we can’t get the provincial and federal government to the table.”

Bud Purves, chair of the Toronto Community Housing board, says the corporation has plans in place to generate $156-million in revenue for repairs, but without assistance from the other two levels of government, the “backlog will continue to grow.”

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