Statement on the Proposed City Building Fund

For Immediate Release 

December 4, 2015 

Statement from Toronto’s Housing Advocate Ana Bailão

about Mayor Tory’s City Building Fund

“In Toronto, we are proud of the way we live together and we believe in looking after each other. It is what makes our city so special. However, there are still far too many residents left behind in our city due to the high cost of housing. One in five rental households are paying more than half their income on rent and 21% of all rental households live in overcrowded conditions. Housing affordability is an issue that affects us all, at every income level.

Toronto Community Housing is in crisis with a $2.6 billion backlog in needed repairs and over 90,000 households are currently on the affordable housing waiting list. The Toronto families who live in these buildings and who rely on this housing deserve better. The need for a City Building Fund is clear. 

The City is massively behind its 2009 goal of building 10,000 affordable housing units in 10 years, having built less than 2,800 units in five years. We have already begun to change that through the Open Door Program by incentivizing private and non-profit partners so we can build more affordable housing quicker. This Fund will make sure that City Council can continue to invest in building affordable housing on a regular basis.

Acting alone is not practical. We need more help from the other levels of government. The City Building Fund will give the provincial and federal governments the confidence that their funding will be used to build the affordable housing we desperately need that will make a difference in the lives of so many Torontonians. 

Building affordable housing is both a social and economic opportunity for our city. People of various income levels need a place to live in an increasingly expensive city where they work. The City Building Fund takes a positive and necessary step in the right direction of building a city that cares." 

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Media Contact:

Robert Cerjanec, Executive Assistant to Councillor Bailão

416-338-5274, [email protected]

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