Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation at 760 Dovercourt Rd


I am happy to announce the installation of 16 solar panels on the roof of the City of Toronto EMS station (EMS 33) at 760 Dovercourt Road in Ward 18. For some time now, I have been working with the City of Toronto's Renewable Energy Office on efforts to place solar pv systems on City-owned buildings in Ward 18 and this is the first of several possible installations. 


The installation at EMS 33 is part of the City of Toronto and Ontario Power Authority's MicroFIT Solar PV program. This program allows institutions or individual homeowners to be paid for producing power and contributing to the development of renewable energy in Ontario. The micoFIT Program is for projects that will have an electricity generating capacity of 10 kilowatts (kW) or less. The FIT (Feed In Tarrif) program  is available for larger project and we are also pursuing opportunities under FIT.

Total system size is 3.8 kW. The system is connected to the Toronto Hydro electrical grid. The installation utilizes Jinko 300W solar panels, which are manufactured in Vaughan. The SolarEdge inverter, with power optimizers per module, is manufactured in Newmarket. In total, 68% of the system components were manufactured in Ontario. The modules are pre-assembled into arrays off-site, delivered on trailers and craned onto the roof. This minimizes the array installation procedure to less than one day.

The City will receive annual revenues for 20 years from the sale of electricity generated by the system, through Ontario's Micro Feed-in Tariff program. The capital cost of the panels and installation will be paid back over 9 years by outputting an estimated 5.5 MWh of power, which will generate $2,979 in annual revenue. Perhaps the most important statistic that comes as a result of this installation is that over the 20 years (at minimum) that this system will be operational, it will reduce carbon dioxide emission by 12 tonnes!

As a City it is important to do everything we can to move toward more environmentally sustainable operations. This project represents a small, but important step in the right direction and I am very pleased that we were able to move this project forward. In the coming months, we will learn whether a much bigger Ward 18 solar project will be moving forward. I have been working with the City of Toronto's Renewable Energy Office on a FIT program application that, if accepted, would see the installation of solar panels on the roof of McCormick Arena and Community Centre. We expect to hear back in June and I will be sure to keep the community informed on the outcome of that application.

In addition to bringing more sustainable energy sources to City-owned buildings in Ward 18, I encourage residents to take advantage of City and Provincial Programs to make their own homes more sustainable. The MicroFIT Solar PV program is also available to individual home owners City-wide and right now the Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) is being piloted in the Junction Triangle neighbourhood (M6P postal codes). If you have any questions or would like assistance with regard to these programs, please contact my office.


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