Ropewalk Lane Naming Petition

Local residents have requested to name the laneway located south of Bloor Street West, East of St. Clarens Avenue, North of College Street and West of Lansdowne Avenue.

The proposed name is "Ropewalk Lane" - this has been an on-going community initiative for many years in an effort to mark this area’s historical and cultural significance.

The manufacturing of rope in Bloordale and the former town of Brockton, specifically along the long block east of Lansdowne Avenue between Bloor Street West and College Street may be the result of an historic “ropewalk”. Identified by research on municipal maps from the 1860s, the ropewalk was where long strands of material were laid out before being twisted together into rope, and it was critical for this activity as it provided the uninterrupted distance required to measure the long lengths of ropes intended for ships.

The Ropewalk was also an important part of the local community employing many people who lived in the area.  The Town of Brockton's 1890s assessment rolls show many residents in the neighbourhood were employed by the rope factory.

Typically, the process for (re)naming should include community support via petition, signed by local community members, however, due to COVID 19, I want to respect the health and safety of our community and as such, I am instead hosting an online petition on my website.

We appreciate your feedback, and would ask that you show support for this petition by signing your name via the link below by March 1st, 2021

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