Providing Housing Relief for More Families in Toronto

Earlier this month, I was joined by Mayor John Tory and Deputy Mayor Pam McConnell to announce the expansion of 550 new housing allowances to help support families on the affordable housing waitlist as we work to secure affordable housing units for them. The housing allowances are targeted to eligible families with 3 or more children who have been on the waitlist for 10 years or more and eligible families who need wheelchair accessible units who have been on the waitlist for 8 years or more.

Unlike rent subsidies, which are tied to a specific unit, housing allowances give families the flexibility to move homes if they choose to do so. These new housing allowances are an important part of our work to assist the households who are currently waiting for affordable housing. The federal and provincial investments which support this work are a key part of the multi-level partnership underway to effectively improve housing affordability for residents in our community and across Toronto.

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