Peel/Gladstone Road Reconstruction Public Meeting

In 2011, the City eliminated the Dufferin Street "jog" by constructing an underpass on Dufferin Street to connect to Queen St. W. This connection eliminated the need for vehicles to travel along Peel and Gladstone Avenues to get to Queen St. W. As a result there has been significant reductions in motor vehicle traffic and an increase in cycling on Peel and Gladstone Avenues.

The City of Toronto is now moving forward with changes approved through the 2010 Peel-Gladstone Reconstruction Environmental Assessment Study to convert Peel Ave. and Gladstone Ave. (from Minowan Miikan Ln to Peel Ave.) into a one-way operation for motor vehicle traffic. Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to travel in both directions. Two-way motor vehicle travel on Gladstone Avenue to Minowan Miikan Lane will remain.

The City is working on the design details to improve pedestrian and cycling facilities on both Gladstone Avenue and Peel Avenue including:

  • wider sidewalks
  • contraflow bike lanes
  • Green street features (trees, grass boulevard)

A public meeting will take place on April 8, 2019 at 6:30pm at Mary McCormick Recreation Centre (66 Sheridan Ave) to share more information and hear from residents. you can find the presentation slides and more project information online at

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