Nitta Gelatin July 2016 Update

Since my election in 2010 and in the hopes of achieving a solution to the odour issues at the Nitta Gelatin Plant, I have consistently involved City staff with respect to this issue including the Deputy City Manager, Toronto Public Health, Toronto Buildings, City Planning, Municipal Licensing and Standards and other City Divisions.

The results of some of those previous discussions have indicated that the site that Nitta Gelatin sits on has been zoned industrial for well over 100 years and that the former City of Toronto By-law 438-86 (pre-amalgamation) permits the use of a gelatine factory on the site. City staff have also consistently advised that odours emanating at Nitta's plant are governed by the Environmental Protection Act and associated regulations which are enforced by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.

However, I am pleased to inform you that I have successfully moved a motion at City Council requesting the Executive Director of Municipal Licensing and Standards to complete a jurisdictional scan and analysis of regulatory options to address concerns of odours emanating from manufacturing facilities, including an Odour Control Bylaw.

City staff will be reporting to the Licensing and Standards Committee on the feasibility of implementing such measures. The recommendation in the motion was developed in consultation with City staff from the Deputy City Manager's Office and Municipal Licensing and Standards.

I have also been informed by Nitta that they have met with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and that the Ministry has requested two items from Nitta:

  1. Nitta to quit the processing of sludge through their centrifuge system, where a significant amount of odour has come from; and
  2. Nitta to hire a third-party consultant to develop a Fugitive Odour Abatement Plan.

It is also my understanding that Nitta and MPP Martins will be hosting a public town hall meeting this fall. I look forward to continuing to update you on this issue as soon as I have more information. 

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