Nitta Gelatin December 2015 Update

The Nitta Gelatin plant has been a longstanding issue here in our community and has operated in one way or another for a very long time. Over the years, I have been working with members of the community, our local MPPs and Nitta Gelatin to identify ways to reduce or eliminate the impact of these odours on our community. Nitta's operations fall under Provincial jurisdiction, with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change providing oversight.

In the summer, I met with Nitta and brought the Deputy City Manager with me to find out where Nitta stood on their odour abatement measures. The meeting was positive with Nitta providing a brief history and update on the measures they are currently undertaking. During the meeting I reiterated to Nitta the negative impacts that the odours are having on our community and that additional measures must take place. I also expressed my concerns in a letter directly to the Province as Nitta sought an updated Environmental Compliance Approval in order to implement additional odour abatement measures.

In the fall, my office attended a meeting with Nitta, MPP Martins and the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. Nitta is currently investing money and undertaking new measures to reduce and eliminate the odours being emitted from their plant. Their odour mitigation process should be fully operational by January 2016. An evaluation of their progress will take place during a six-month testing period by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. I am hopeful to see positive results from these latest measures and will continue to advocate on behalf of our community for an acceptable solution.

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