New Library through 299 Campbell Development

299Campbell.jpgI am very excited to bring forward a major victory regarding the proposal to expand the Perth-Dupont Library. Over the past two years I have been working closely with the community to identify opportunities and strategies to improve library services in the Junction Triangle neighbourhood.

Since our first public meeting back in August, 2011, with nearly 100 community residents, I have been investigating every opportunity available to expand the Perth-Dupont library. This opportunity has come with the development at 299 Campbell. Through negotiations with the developer, and Section 37 contributions from surrounding developments, the new development will have 10,000 ft2 reserved specifically for the new library - even when including the 2nd floor of the existing Perth Dupont Library, this will be 4 times larger!

To date, I have successfully added this project to the capital list of the Toronto Library Board and ensured the necessary zoning changes at City Council. I look forward to working closely with the community as this exciting project moves forward!

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