Moving Forward for Ward 18

At Toronto City Hall, there is new life and a growing sense that we are moving forward – building on our successes and tackling our shared challenges – towards the world-class city we deserve.


This week, Torontonians welcomed a new Mayor, Council and vision for our city. As this vision is refined in the coming months, I look forward to working collaboratively with our new Mayor and Councillors to create a strong direction for our city's future.

We will need visionary thinking and decisive action; and I am ready to take up this challenge.

Like you, I also have clear expectations for this Council: to eliminate the language of division we have heard in the past, to move away from a theme of austerity and towards a discussion of investment and renewal, and to unite the skills of Council in the best interest of our city. Together, we can welcome bolder visions of participation and support our continued growth and prosperity.

Where do we look for these solutions? Some ideas will come from the best-practices of other cities; many more will come from our very own communities. Initiatives such as the McCormick Park shipping container cafe project, the initiatives of the Junction Triangle Traffic Management Committee and the Queen Street bike parking pilot program are key examples where our community took a leadership role, deriving lessons and best-practices from which our entire city can benefit. Ward 18 has incredibly creative and engaged residents, we speak through our results.

And what impressive results we have! I will continue our work to deliver the many local projects begun last term: including our new library, community centre, three new parks and so much more.

In a continued effort to deliver better service to residents, I will be opening a new community office. Not only will this provide a permanent address for me in the community but also a open meeting place for local residents and groups. I look forward to opening my office officially in the new year.

I also look forward to delivering on our neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood vision for Ward 18. From West Queen West to Dovercourt Park, I had the opportunity during my campaign to build a vision for the future growth of our neighbourhoods – each with its own projects and assets. Now, with a clear direction for the next four years, I can continue working closely with residents, businesses and community groups to implement this vision and strengthen our neighbourhoods.

Equally important is the opportunity to apply my experience to the benefit of our city, and I am pleased and honoured to be able to continue my work on housing affordability as the re-appointed Chair of the Affordable Housing Committee.

In addition, I have accepted Mayor Tory's offer to join the Executive Committee. This is a privileged role and I accept this position with only two aims; to better serve Ward 18 residents and to lend my experience to improving our city. As we move forward, there will be issues where the Mayor and I agree to respectfully disagree. I am confident that our mutual respect and shared desire to deliver the best for our city will yield many positive results.

As always, should you have any community issues, concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact my office at anytime. With our engaged neighbourhoods, my Council and community experience and new leadership for our City, there is no limit to what we can accomplish and I look forward to building these accomplishments with you.

In Community,

Ana Bailão

Toronto City Councillor
Ward 18, Davenport
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