Motion Passes to Restore Dundas West Parking (Toronto Sun)

Motion Passes to Restore Dundas West Parking (Toronto Sun) 

Politicos on the Toronto and East York Community Council unanimously approved Bailao’s request to restore 70 parking spaces along the busy stretch and restore overnight permit parking on surrounding streets.

“It feels like we’ve accomplished something,” Bailao said Wednesday. “It feels good to come to City Hall and a month and half (later) saying we’re accomplishing things, we’re going in the right direction, we’re bringing the voice of Ward 18 to City Hall.”

City council will still have to approve the decision at its next meeting.

Bailao said businesses, cyclists, pedestrians and residents were all bothered by the environment created by the loss of the parking spots.

The loss of the spots ignited community outrage under the reign of former councillor and TTC chairman Adam Giambrone. He argued the removal of parking would speed up TTC streetcar traffic.

Taking out the spaces cost the city an estimated $300,000 a year in lost parking revenue.

Bailao maintains a study shows the lack of parking didn’t have a conclusive effect on the TTC.

“We are keeping the left turn prohibitions which I think would be the thing that would have the most impact on the streetcar,” she said. “It’s not going to have an effect on the TTC.”

Bailao is meeting with Toronto Parking Authority officials Thursday to ensure they are ready to make the change following council’s decision.

“I want them to be ready so as soon as council gives us the green light,” she said.

Dundas West BIA chairman Sylvia Draper-Fernandez — who fought to bring back the parking and get rid of Giambrone — said she still can’t believe they won.

“It was amazing,” she said. “(The meeting Tuesday night) was like a love-in, it was incredible, a total difference.”

Draper-Fernandez started her deputation to councillors Tuesday saying they should change the saying, “You can’t beat City Hall” to “You can’t beat City Hall if your local councillor is not supporting you.”

But the fight has left Draper-Fernandez out of gas.

She said once its approved, she’ll be resigning her leadership position with the BIA.

“It’s been an incredible ride, I’m spent,” she said. “Basically, I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.”

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