Minister Sohi visits Toronto Community Housing in Regent Park

Minister_Sohi.jpegOn January 21, 2016, Federal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Amarjeet Sohi visited Toronto to give a keynote speech at the Toronto Board of Trade, outlining the Federal Government's strategy to distribute infrastructure spending. For the first two years of their infrastructure program, they will be focusing infrastructure funding towards shovel ready projects that can make a real impact right away - things like repairs to Toronto Community Housing buildings, TTC equipment, and energy retrofits. Another welcome focus is that they will also be distributing funds to municipalities, who are well positioned to make these investments immediately.

Following the Board of Trade speech, Minister Sohi met with Mayor Tory, Toronto Community Housing officials, and I in order for us to highlight the challenges that TCH is facing and the opportunities that could be realized by investing in social housing repairs. We reiterated the fact that the City is looking to the Federal Government to contribute a 1/3 share of TCH's $2.6 billion 10-year capital plan, which aims to drastically increase the state of good repair in TCH buildings. We also toured Regent Park in order to show Minister Sohi the difference between a brand new and old TCH unit to underscore how much we can improve the quality of life for those who live in TCH communities all across Toronto. I am hopeful that the Federal Government understands how important it is to make these repairs and the need to commit federal funding to do so. 

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