Dufferin Street Watermain Relining Construction Project

The City of Toronto and its Consultant, WSP | MMM Group, have contracted FER-PAL Infrastructure to structurally reline the watermain on Dufferin Street. As part of this work, temporary bypass water services were installed along the effected strip and may have been installed at your home to provide water service to local properties. 

On November 22nd, the contractor began to remove these bypass lines. Regular water service continues to be restored to the area as the removal progresses. The Dufferin Street Watermain Relining Construction Project is projected to end on December 31st, 2017. 

As all the temporary piping has not yet been removed and colder temperatures are arriving, the City of Toronto has a number of strategies. With the colder temperatures, The City of Toronto recommends that you leave a water tap running inside your home 24 hours a day to ensure continuous water flow through the temporary pipes and to prevent any freezing from occurring. You will not be charged for the water consumed as the temporary water line does not flow through your water meter. If you have a frozen temporary waterline please call 311 or contact the contractor FER-PAL Construction Ltd.'s emergency service office (24 hours a day seven days a week) at 416-742-3713 or at 1-866-344-1058. For more information and additional tips to prevent pipes from freezing in the winter, please see the attached information sheets here and here.

Once the contractor has restored regular water service, restoration of the roadway, sidewalks and landscaping will commence in phases. Phase 1 includes road permanent restoration on Dufferin St between Parr St and Bloor St and is expected to be completed imminently. Phase 2 will include temporary road restoration on Dufferin St Between Geary Ave and Bloor St and is expected ot be completed this December. The Final phase of restoration will include permanent sidewalk and landscaping restoration and will take place in the spring of 2018 when the warmer weather arrives.

If you have any questions I encourage you to contact the Field Ambassador for this work, Mikaela Sword who can be reached at 647-923-3430 or [email protected].

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