Draft Inclusionary Zoning Legislation: We are ready to get to work

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May 18, 2016 

Draft Inclusionary Zoning Legislation:

We are ready to get to work

Toronto welcomes the introduction of inclusionary zoning legislation but much work remains to be done to craft regulations that help - not hinder - the creation of desperately needed affordable housing, Councillor Ana Bailão, Toronto's Housing Advocate says.

"We need a made-in-Toronto policy that balances the needs of everyone, from low-income people desperate for affordable housing to new home buyers, and the industry that delivers new rental and ownership homes," Councillor Bailão said. "Our goal is to be successful where we improve housing affordability for all."

The City is eager to review the draft legislation, the regulations and participate in provincial consultations with the province to get it right. Toronto is committed to hosting its own consultations and review what has worked and not worked elsewhere before proceeding.

"We look forward to working with all stakeholders to ensure inclusionary zoning delivers real results for people in need of affordable homes," Councillor Bailão said. "However, it is important to remember that inclusionary zoning will not solve Toronto's housing crisis on its own. Inclusionary zoning will join the growing menu of tools the city has to support our affordable housing agenda."

While inclusionary zoning supports ongoing City affordable housing initiatives, there are a range of issues to be addressed such as where it applies, when it comes into effect, what City incentives are provided, how the Province, City and industry will cost share the implementation of such a program, and ultimately how many new affordable homes result.

"We want to ensure that we get affordable housing while maintaining the affordability of housing", said Councillor Bailão.

"We will work to implement inclusionary zoning as soon as possible – but not at the expense of not getting it right," Councillor Bailão said. "We need real results where everyone is working together to build a better and more inclusive city."

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Media Contact:

Robert Cerjanec, Executive Assistant to Councillor Ana Bailão

416-338-5274, [email protected]

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