Bloor Street Construction: Done for the Winter. Back in Spring 2015 to Finish on Side Streets

New Bloor Street tree planting, including guards and watering grates

As of December 2014 the City contractors have finished most of the parts of this project:

  • All road work
  • All sidewalk replacement along Bloor Street (some sidewalk will be replaced on side streets as part of streetscaping)
  • All Bloor Street tree planting, including guards and watering grates
  • Bump-out construction
  • Lay-by reconstruction in front of the Bickford Centre

Also, new street furniture (e.g. benches, waste bins, bike post and ring) and signage for Bloor Street is in place, with some pre-existing street furniture being reinstated shortly.

In the Spring 2015, contractors will return to finish up the last of the project tasks:

  • Additional Bloorcourt streetscape upgrades at side streets e.g. decorative pavers, bronze markers, seat walls, custom tree pits, decorative signage, swing gates and landscaping at Crawford St, Shaw St, Roxton Rd, Carling Ave, Ossington Ave, Concord Ave, Delaware Ave, Dovercourt Rd, Westmoreland Ave, Rushholme Rd, Salem Ave, Havelock St, Bartlett Ave, and Gladstone Ave.
  • Two large planters with new trees at the front of the Bickford Centre driveway
  • Address any remaining deficiencies such as minor impacts at store fronts, adjustments to pavers, deficient landscaping features, etc.

The trailer will be removed from Bloor & Christie for the winter and returned for work in the spring.

We thank the community for your continued patience and cooperation.  We all look forward to seeing the final upgrades in place for enjoying next summer.


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