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26 Ernest Avenue

This is a Zoning By-law amendment application that proposes 79, 3-storey townhouses, 3-bedroom units on three blocks on the north side of Ernest Avenue adjacent to the Metrolinx rail corridor. The proposed height of the townhouses is 12 metres with a total gross floor area of 11,835 square metres and a density of 1.64 times the area of the lot.  There will be 92 residential parking spaces below grade and 8 visitor parking spaces at grade.  79 bike parking spaces will be provided at grade for residents and 20 bike parking spaces for visitors will be located at grade.  City Council approved this application in February 2016. As part of this development, land is being retained by the City for the purpose of expanding the West Toronto Railpath. City Planning staff are currently working with the developer on Site Plan Approval.  In the meantime, a below grade building permit has been issued with an above grade building permit to be issued very soon.

299 Campbell Avenue

This is an Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment application that proposes a 12-storey, 47 metre high (including mechanical penthouse), mixed use building comprised of 215 residential units, 930 square metres of library/community facility space and 269 square metres of non-residential floor area at 299 Campbell Avenue. This project includes 6 live/work units, 5 bachelor units, 45 one-bedroom units, 153 two-bedroom units and 6 three + bedroom. There are 214 parking spaces and 168 bicycle parking spaces located in four levels of underground parking. The Official Plan Amendment to permit residential on the site was brought into force by the Ontario Municipal Board in an order dated June 22, 2015. The developer has chosen to construct a rental building instead of ownership condominiums, which will add new rental supply in the area.  The developer has been working with City Planning staff on Site Plan Approval.  The developer has started demolishing the existing building and is in the process of obtaining conditional building permits to begin excavation work.

Design work on the new Toronto Public Library Branch (to be included in the base of the building) in collaboration with local residents began in 2018.  Click here for more information on this exciting project: 

390-440 Dufferin Street

In June 2015, a settlement was reached at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) for the lands known as 390-440 Dufferin St. The approved settlement plan includes 3 buildings on the site with heights of up to 12-storeys. All the buildings are set back from the Dufferin St property line, and their upper floors are stepped back to minimize their impact.

As part of the approved plan, the City secured mixed-use work building with 5,500 square meter of employment space to be constructed at the north end of the site preserving the gross floor area of employment lands currently on site. Through the approved OMB settlement, the city also secured a 25-year below market lease on a portion of the building to support a manufacturing incubator program with the goal of providing affordable urban manufacturing space.

The building was then sold and the new property owners in October 2017 submitted a Site Plan Control Application to proceed with construction of a 421 unit project, including 114 2-bedroom units and 43 3-bedroom units, ground level retail and the secured employment space, with 281 underground parking spaces. This application is currently being reviewed by City Staff.

1183 Dufferin Street

This as an Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment to convert an existing place of worship to 14 loft units including a rear 4 storey addition with 11 parking spaces located in the basement garage. It was approved by City Council at its meeting of June 14, 2015 as Official Plan Amendment No. 103 and Site Specific By-Law 554-2014. The applicant has completed the Heritage Easement Agreement and is finalizing Site Plan Approval. Construction began in spring of 2017.

1544 Dundas Street West

This as an Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment that proposes an 8-storey mixed-use building.  The property is designated Mixed Use Areas and is shown as an Avenue on Map 2 in the Official Plan. The total proposed gross floor area is 6,872 square metres, with 606 square metres of non-residential space and 6,266 square metres of residential gross floor area. The total density is 3.85 times the area of the lot. 95 residential units are proposed including 6 studios, 66 one-bedroom units, and 23 two-bedroom units. Parking is located below grade with access from Sheridan Avenue and Awde Street to the rear of the building. There are 61 parking spaces in total, which include 6 visitor spaces. A public parking lot is also being provided, which accommodate 23 vehicles. This application was approved by City Council in June 2013 and Site Plan Approval has been finalized. The building has been fully built and occupied and is operating as a rental building.    

1120 Dupont Street

This is a Minor Variance (Committee of Adjustments) application for a 6-storey (6,884 m2) self-storage warehouse.  The application was heard on September 9, 2015 by the Committee of Adjustments.  At the end of September 2015, the applicant appealed the decision to the OMB.  Prior to the OMB hearing, both City Planning staff and I worked closely with the developer and area residents towards a mutually agreeable resolution.  After several meetings, the developer agreed to adjust the proposal in response to resident concerns, namely shadow impact, and the effect the proposed storage facility use would have on the community (noise, traffic, etc.)  The OMB hearing took place on June 1, 2016 and an adjusted proposal was approved.  The developer is currently working with City Planning staff on finalizing Site Plan Approval, but has received a demolition permit and conditional building permits in order to initiate construction of the new facility.

995 and 997 Lansdowne Avenue

  • 995 Lansdowne Avenue 

This is a Zoning By-law amendment application to rezone the property at 995 Lansdowne Avenue from Industrial to Residential in order to permit an 8-unit apartment building with 3 parking spaces. The applicant has constructed a 2-storey addition and made interior alterations to the existing non-conforming detached dwelling. This project includes 4 one-bedroom + den units, and 4 two-bedroom units. The proposed units range in size from approximately 72 square metres to 86 square metres. City Council approved this application in August 2016 and Site Plan Approval has been finalized.  Construction has been completed and the building is now occupied.

  • 997 Lansdowne Avenue 

This is a Zoning By-law amendment application to rezone the property at 997 Lansdowne Avenue from Industrial to Residential in order to permit an 8-unit apartment building with 2 parking spaces. The applicant has constructed a two-storey addition and made interior alterations to the existing mixed-use building.  This project includes 1 one-bedroom + den unit, and 7 two-bedroom units. The proposed units range in size from approximately 66 square metres to 82 square metres.  City Council approved this application in August 2016 and Site Plan Approval has been finalized. Construction has been completed and the building is now occupied.

11 Peel Avenue (10 & 20 Minowan Miikan Lane)

This is an Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment to permit 434 residential units (31,103 square metres), 4,288 square metres of retail space, and 1,897 square metres of non-residential, non-retail space in a building ranging in height from 4 to 20 storeys (13.5 to 62 metres) at 11 Peel Avenue. This project includes 2 studio units, 218 one-bedroom units, 194 two-bedroom, units and 20 three-bedroom units. The non-residential retail uses on the site include a proposed grocery store and additional retail spaces located at the south end of the site with access from the laneway or Queen St. West.  356 parking spaces are located underground on the site. A total of 344 bicycle parking spaces are proposed, 262 for residents, 65 for visitors, and 17 for the non-residential uses on the site. As part of the Section 37 agreement for this application, a new park is to be on the western edge of the site, which will be integrated into the soon to extended West Toronto Rail Path. A Site Plan Amendment was approved and the building is now completed and occupied. Construction on the new (Pessoa) park is set to begin in 2018. 

138 St. Helen’s Avenue

This is a Zoning By-law amendment application that proposes a nine-storey mixed-use building with 86 residential units (7,975 square metres), and 1,913 square metres of non-residential space at 138 St Helen's Avenue. The total proposed density is 2.7 times the area of the lot. The proposal also includes grade-related townhouse units facing St. Helen's Avenue.  The project includes 3 studio units, 38 one-bedroom units, 40 two-bedroom units, and 5 three-bedroom units.  A total of 95 parking spaces are proposed 77 for residents and 18 for visitors. This proposal also includes 96 bike parking spaces, including 73 spaces for residents and 23 spaces for visitors.  City Council approved this application in October 2013. City Planning Staff are currently working with the developer to finalize Site Plan Approval.  Conditional building permits have been issued and construction of the building is well underway.

99 Sudbury Street

The original Zoning By-law amendment application proposed a 26-storey mixed-use building containing a hotel, event space, ancillary retail, and residential uses at 99 Sudbury Street. The developer of 99 Sudbury Street appealed their development application to the Ontario Municipal Board. A pre-hearing meeting at the OMB recently took place and the City and developer has come to an agreement which included: a height reduction from 26 stories to 18 stories (a reduction from 89.3m to 63.8m, lower than 2-6 Lisgar Street, reduced unit counts from 190 down to 121 units, a minimum of 15% of dwelling units shall contain at least 2 bedrooms, a minimum of 10% of dwelling units shall contain at least 3 bedrooms. Under the agreement, the width of the proposed West Toronto Railpath link proposed to be incorporated into the development will be increased from 4.5m to 5m and will be maintained clear of obstructions, including outward opening doors, to a height of 6 metres. Section 37 contributions from this agreement include $250,000 to be allocated to the Theatre Centre or other non-profit arts organizations in the neighbourhood $800,000 to be allocated to the landing structure and access for a possible future King Highline Bridge or another appropriate public benefit serving the neighbourhood the provision of an elevated West Toronto Railpath Link through the site to the satisfaction of the Chief Planner, currently having an estimated value of $1,008,000

1093 Queen Street West

This is a Zoning By-law amendment for a 9-storey mixed use building. The application was appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) by the applicant on July 23, 2008 on the grounds that the City did not make a decision on the application within 120 days. On March 27, 2009, the Ontario Municipal Board adjourned the hearing related to this site at the request of the applicant and agreed that the matters could be brought back to the OMB at the request of either party. The application was put on hold by the applicant. On June 19, 2012, the applicant submitted revised drawings to the City.  The proposal is for a nine-storey mixed-use building located on the southwest corner of Queen Street West and Dovercourt Road. The building podium is 4 storeys along Dovercourt Road, to reflect the scale of the Great Hall on the east side of Dovercourt Road and 2 storeys along Queen Street West to reflect the scale of the Carnegie Library immediately to the west of the site. The tower portion of the building is set back substantially from Queen Street West and the single family dwellings along the west side of Dovercourt Road, south of the site. Non-residential uses will occupy the ground and second floors of the building. The lobby for the 88 unit residential portion of the building is located off Dovercourt Road, allowing for active uses to occupy the entire Queen Street West frontage. Access to loading and below grade parking for 102 parking spaces is from the public laneway that runs from Dovercourt Road along the south edge of the site. On January 22nd, 2013 a Directions Report recommending that the City work with the developer at the OMB was approved. Site Plan Approval has been finalized and construction on the site is currently under way, with expected completion in the spring of 2018.

362 Wallace Avenue

This as an Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment that proposes 167 new residential dwelling units as stacked townhouses. In addition, adjacent to the pathway and as a buffer to the pathway and train track, the applicant proposes to build 20 non-residential condominium units, a new public road, and extension to Macaulay Avenue and new community facility at 362 Wallace Avenue, which is being built using Section 37 funds. The unit breakdown at this development is 32 one-bedroom units, 116 two-bedroom units, and 19 three + bedroom units. The site will also contain 179 below grade residential parking spaces, 22 of which will be reserved for visitors. The non-residential units will have 40 parking spaces. There will be 19 on-street parking spaces on the new Sousa Mendes Street. In terms of bike parking, there will be 100 for residents, 28 for visitors and 2 for the non-residential units. Construction of the residential units is now complete.  The Wallace Bridge has been realigned by the developer and brought to code by the City.  Sousa Mendes Street is almost fully opened to the public.  The developer is now finalizing the industrial units, new community facility and will initiate work on the new Wallace Plaza in the spring.  The Wallace Plaza will include a fountain, bike parking, and green space.

1006 Bloor Street West

The owners of the Paradise Theatre filed a Site Plan application in the summer of 2014.  The application is the final stages of review by City Planning and Heritage Preservation Services staff. The proposal consists of a new second-floor addition of approximately 150 square metres and renovation of the existing space for use as a cinema and restaurant. I have been working with all parties and local residents to ensure that the rich heritage of the site is preserved.  The old and celebrated cinema sign will be retained by the developer.  The owner has obtained conditional building permits as has begun the construction/renovation work.  Construction is expected to be finished in spring 2018.

998 College Street

This is a Zoning by-law amendment application that proposes an 8 storey mid-rise building containing 54 residential units. The building will contain 39 one-bedroom units, and 15 two bed-room units. 5 parking spaces (4 visitor spaces and 1 car-share) will be located at-grade at the rear of the building. The remaining 27 spaces are located on two underground parking levels. A total of 43 residential bike parking spaces are located on the ground level (18 spaces) and on the P1 level (25 spaces).  City Council approved this application in October 2012. The developer has obtained Site Plan Approval and the condominium has been registered with the City.

 29-51 Florence Avenue  

This application dates back to 2006 when an Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Amendment application was filed.  The developer, Great Gulf, proposed 36 (3 storey) townhouses, which will include 12 two-bedroom units and 24 three-bedroom units and 40 parking spaces (4 for visitors and 36 for residents). The site will also include a total of 65 bike parking spaces.  In April 2015, the developer filed a Minor Variance application to alter the redevelopment plan approved under Site Specific By-law 886-2006 by constructing eight row house dwellings and 10 rowplex dwellings containing 2 units each.  In addition, the developer sought to place the parking at grade instead of below grade.  City Planning Staff are currently working with the developer on finalizing Site Plan Approval.  In the meantime, the developer has obtained conditional building permits and is intent on beginning construction in the spring.

48 Havelock Street

This application dates back to 2003. In 2004 and 2005, the developer (JDC Property Management) filed the necessary Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-Law, and Site Plan applications to redevelop the property. The proposal was to demolish the existing structure which contained 16 rental units and construct a 4 storey structure containing 50 condominium stacked townhouses along with 61 underground parking spaces. City staff recommended that the redevelopment of the site be refused, thus JDC appealed to the OMB. On January 2007, JDC revised their proposal to include only 45 stacked townhouses and rental replacement in an effort to settle with the City and prevent a long hearing. On March 7, 2007 it was accepted by City Council. They have revised their application to include 20 townhouse units with 24 underground parking spots. The revised changes were subsequently approved by the Committee of Adjustments. Site Plan Approval has been obtained and construction is completed with the building now occupied.

830 Lansdowne Avenue

This is an Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendment that proposes to develop the site at 830 Lansdowne Avenue. This includes the retention of the existing building at the corner of Dupont Street and Lansdowne Avenue for commercial purposes and the construction of 558 residential dwelling units.  526 dwelling units will be contained in two towers of 23 and 27 storeys. The remaining 32 units are proposed on the third floor of the retained former industrial building. The total residential dwelling units will involve 422 one-bedroom units and 136 two-bedroom units. The development is proposed to have 725 vehicular parking spaces, 634 of which will be in a two-level underground parking garage. A total of 458 bicycle parking spaces are also proposed. The buildings have been built and both the commercial and residential components have been occupied. 

243 Perth Avenue

This is an Official Plan and the Zoning By-law amendment to permit the conversion of the existing church at 243 Perth Avenue into 39 residential units.  The 39 residential units include ten 1-bedroom units, twenty 1-bedroom plus den units, four 2-bedroom units and six 2-bedroom plus den units. A total of 19 parking spaces are proposed, 2 of which will be dedicated for visitors.  City approved this application in October 2012.  After almost two years without any movement, construction work has resumed with a new contractor.  A Construction Management Plan was also been established to better protect neighbours and ensure public safety during construction.  The developer and City Planning have finalized and executed Site Plan Approval.  The development is partially occupied and already registered with the City of Toronto.

40 Westmoreland Avenue

In December 2003, the owners of the vacant church at 40-42 Westmoreland Avenue filed an application to amend the Zoning By-law to permit the church to be converted for residential use. Approval for the project permitted the conversion of the existing church into 25 dwelling units with 26 underground parking spaces. The new owners have purchased the site and the project has been redesigned with only 17 dwelling units, with each having its own point of entry. The property was subject to a Committee of Adjustment hearing on January 25th, 2012, where among the minor variances approved was a reduction in the number of parking spaces required from 24 (including 2 visitor spaces) to 18 (including 1 visitor space). Construction is complete and Site Plan Approval has been issued. The building is now occupied.

1141 Bloor St W, 980 Dufferin St, and 90 Croatia St - Bloor Dufferin TDSB Lands

You might recall that when the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) originally put the Bloor Dufferin School Lands for sale, I worked to try and keep these lands in public control. The City and Catholic School Board had previously put forward a joint proposal to purchase the site which was not accepted. The TDSB has proceeded to sell the site to a private developer and the City is now in the process of reviewing the Official Plan and Zoning Amendment Application submitted by the developer. You can find more history about this site and links to my previous updates by clicking here.

On February 7, 2018, a community meeting was hosted by the City to listen to residents' feedback on the development proposal for the lands. The owner is proposing a mixed-use development with building heights of up to 47 stories containing 2,219 housing units, a mix of office/retail space and park space. I share the concerns of many community members that were raised at the meeting. I strongly believe the proposed heights and densities are too high and I will be fighting for the inclusion of onsite childcare, affordable housing, a robust community hub, green space, heritage preservation, and a proposal which better fits with the character of our community.

If you would like to find out more about this development proposal, you can review the preliminary City staff report by clicking here and the poster boards created by City Planning by clicking here.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the meeting to share your feedback. There has been a working group formed that close to 50 residents have joined to help shape this development proposal in the areas of transportation, public realm/urban form and the community hub. As the City continues its review of this application throughout the long process ahead of us, I will continue to advocate for our community's priorities.

If you would like to submit your own comments on this development proposal, you can e-mail them to the City Planner on the file, Kirk Hatcher at [email protected] and by e-mailing me at [email protected]. Please feel free to use the discussion guide (click here) used at the meeting to help shape your thinking in order to provide your feedback.

1181 Queen Street West

The original Zoning Amendment application was for a 26-storey mixed-use building with 239 residential units.  Local residents, City Planning and I agreed that this proposal was beyond the local planning context.  In May 2014, City Council voted to refuse the application and the applicant.  The applicant subsequently appealed the City's decision to the OMB.  In August 2014, Skale Developments purchased the property (along with the OMB appeal) and decided to put together a new proposal for the site.  The application was submitted to City Planning for the review in the fall of 2015.  The new proposal called for a 16 storey mixed-use building with 146 residential units.  Given the substantial amount of changes, City Planning and I organized a community meeting in January 2016 to update residents on the new proposal and to obtain feedback. 

In the summer of 2016, a settlement agreement was reached for a15-storey mixed-use building with retail use along the ground floor - a significant reduction we secured in comparison to the 26-stories originally proposed.  The new proposal also addresses massing and loading issues and includes better building step backs. The proposal greatly mitigates shadowing impacts on Queen Street West and the heritage-designated Gladstone Hotel. As part of this development, our community also secured $550,000 in Section 37 funds.  This will fund public art, which will installed at Lisgar Park and in the West Queen West neighbourhood. A sincere thank you to everyone who worked together to help shape this proposal and secure these important community benefits.

1245 Dupont Street - The Galleria Mall

In late 2015, developers Freed and ELAD purchased this property and decided not to proceed with the previously approved development plans from 2004, which allowed for 1,600 residential units in 6 buildings, between 6 and 19 storeys in height, as well as a block of 20 3½ storey stacked townhouses.

Following three pre-application open house meetings with the community, the developer filed an Official Plan and Zoning Amendment application to the City of Toronto in fall 2016. The application proposes a total of 11 buildings, the tallest being 42 storeys,  containing 3,416 units plus 150 affordable units, 29,912m2 of retail to replace the current Galleria Mall, 6,391 m2 of office space, a new Wallace-Emerson Community Centre and 25% larger park. A formal community meeting was held in March 2017 beginning the formal application review process. 

Area residents, myself and City Planning have raised concerns over this proposal, which include, but are not limited to height, density, traffic, transit impacts, and the need for a range of market and affordable housing, this will achieve a family friendly and inclusive development that fits within the character and context of our neighbourhood.

The developer took this feedback and over the next several months altered the proposal.  The building heights and massing/density were reduced (222,895 m2 to 245,487 m2 total gross floor area), the unit count was lowered from 3,416 to 2,891, the new community centre on Dupont Street became more prominent, publically open space on the development site was enlarged, transit bays were accommodated in order to address potential pressures, affordable units were integrated into the development and the number of 2 and 3 bedroom units was also increased. 

Given the number of changes to the proposal another community meeting hosted by City Planning staff was held on December 4, 2017.  While the developer's response to City/community concerns were recognized, City Planning staff, myself and local residents continue to feel that the proposal needs more work to make it better fit with the local community. 

1025 Dupont Street

In late 2016, the City of Toronto received a Zoning Amendment application to develop vacant lot at the northeast corner of Dupont Street and Westmoreland Avenue.  The proposal called for seven 3-storey freehold townhomes. City staff are reviewing documentation submitted by the developer.  On April 6, 2017, a community consultation meeting was held. City staff and the developer are now working to incorporate feedback form the meeting into the proposal.

West Queen West Planning Study and Heritage Conservation District Study

The City of Toronto is undertaking a West Queen West Planning Study along Queen Street West from Bathurst Street to Roncesvalles Avenue. The study will consider the following: heritage character and value of buildings in the area, built-form and height of new developments, existing policy context, transit capacity and parking in the area, public space improvements, understanding and defining the character of the street, and developing a vision for future development along the street.

As part of this work, the City is also undertaking a Heritage Conservation District Study for the area to examine how the West Queen West area can change over time. The study recommend the establishment of two heritage conservation districts namely the West Queen West HCD (between Bathurst Street and Dufferin Street and the Parkdale Main Street Heritage Conservation District (between Dufferin Street and Jameson Avenue)

For more information about the Heritage Conservation District Study, please visit:

Bloor Street West Planning Study

In October 2015, Toronto and East York Community Council approved a motion to conduct a planning study for Bloor St W from Christie St to Lansdowne Ave to help shape the community vision for the future of Bloor St W and what future changes and improvements are possible.

In May 2017, the TEYCC requested a set of guiding principles for new development on Bloor St W between Palmerston and Lansdowne Ave be developed and that an evaluation properties for inclusion in the Heritage Register be carried out between Ossington Ave and Dovercourt Rd.

Following consultations with residents to gather input on our community's priorities for the street, City staff have developed a set of guiding principles to shape any future changes.

These principles reflect the ideas of:

  • Supporting an exceptional public realm with streetscape improvements
  • A predominantly low-to-midrise built form along the street
  • Conservation and enhancements of heritage attributes on Bloor St W
  • Inclusive development with a mix of unit sizes and affordability
  • Focus on architecturally engaging design and sustainability
  • Potential for additional height at intersections

City Council approved these Guiding Principles in December 2017.

You can find the approved Bloor Street West Planning Study - Guiding Principles report at

50-52 Bartlett Avenue

In 2013 the owners of the 2-storey vacant industrial building located at 50-52 Bartlett Avenue filed a Zoning Amendment application to permit the building to be converted for residential use. Approval for the project permitted the conversion of the building, and construction of a 3-storey residential condominium building containing 16 dwelling units with 17 residential parking spaces. The project is now substantially completed and partially occupied.  The developer is in the process of finalizing condominium registration with the City.  Following a resident-led petition the City has approved the naming of "Boilermaker Lane" to name the laneway on which the building fronts in commemoration of the building's former use as a boiler factory.  The appropriate signage should be installed over the next couple of months. 

1439 Bloor Street West

This proposal calls for the development of the lands municipally known as 1439 Bloor St. West and 80 Perth Avenue.  The plan contemplates a 14-storey mixed use building with retail at grade with two stories of below grade parking (131 parking spaces).  The developer is intent of having a total of 182 dwelling units, which include 116 one bedroom units, 12 one bedroom + den units, 49 two bedroom units and 5 three bedroom units.  The developer filed a Site Plan application for this site in 2010 and has only resubmitted a revised proposed in response to City Planning and other City division comments.  For this development's parkland dedication, a sliver of land on the western edge of the property will be given to the City for the purpose of widening the West Toronto Railpath and providing an access point to the path.

158 Sterling Road

In 2012 Castlepoint Developments (now Castlepoint Numa) submitted an Official Plan and Zoning Amendments for the lands at 158, 164, 181, and 200 Sterling Road. The application sought to convert Employment Lands to allow for residential and commercial development.

In November 2012, the application was refused at City Council and the applicant subsequently appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). Through mediation, a settlement was reached which included: a new park, a new 35 space nursery, new affordable housing, 40% of units as 2/3 bedroom, restoration of the heritage building, three new buildings dedicated to employment space, a new entrance to the West Toronto Railpath and the re-alignment of Perth Avenue.

In the spring of 2015, the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada (MOCA) announced it would relocate to 158 Sterling Road in the heritage-designated Tower Automotive Building. MOCA anticipates it will open in 2018.

In the spring of 2017, construction began on townhomes at 20 Perth Avenue as phase one of the redevelopment.  In May 2017 Two Site Plan Control Applications were submitted to City Planning for Blocks 3A/3B including a commercial building and the mixed-use building containing a daycare, retail units and residential units. These applications are currently being reviewed by City staff in consultation with the applicant.

980-990 Bloor Street West

In September 2016, the owners of 980 & 990 Bloor Street West (at the northwest corner with Dovercourt Road) hosted a pre-application community meeting at my urging to share their initial ideas and gather input from the community. 

In July 2017, a Zoning By-law amendment application was submitted to City Planning proposing the construction of a 12-storey mixed use building containing 102 residential units and ground level retail. This application is currently being reviewed by City staff. I understand that ownership of the property has changed since this application as filed.  City staff have indicated there has been little movement from the owners since and the application appears to be on hold.

You can view the applicants submitted documents can be found here:

57 Wade Avenue

In December 2017, the City received a Zoning by-law amendment application for the development of an 8-storey office building at 57 Wade Avenue containing flexible office/retail space at ground level. This application is currently being reviewed by City staff and Metrolinx in coordination of their work on the adjacent rail corridor.

You can view the applicants submitted documents can be found here:   

Dundas Street West Planning Study

In December 2017 City Council approved a motion I moved alongside Councillor Layton to do a Planning Study of Dundas Street West in order to effectively plan for the new development that will complement the existing built form and heritage attributes as much of the existing build form still remains along this street. Our motion requests City staff to conduct a review of development on the street, including an inventory of current applications and development pressure in the area along with working with Transportation Services to review potential streetscape improvements in the context of current and future development proposals. 

In addition, our motion will direct City staff to assess the applicable policy framework in the area and consider developing additional urban design and built form guidelines, including an assessment of heritage resources, to be used to inform the review of current and future development proposals, and to develop an understanding of what defines the character of the street. I look forward to their review. 

20-38 Gladstone Avenue

This is Zoning By-law amendment that the construction of a 7-storey residential condominium building.  The building would have a total gross floor area of 8,542 square metres and an overall height of 21.6 metres. The proposed density would be 4.23 times the lot area. The building is sharing underground parking access, vehicular parking spots, amenity space, and a pedestrian walkway with the proposal at 11 Peel Avenue to the west, which is being developed by the same applicant. A total of 129 dwelling units are proposed. The dwelling unit breakdown is as follows: 16 garage related town houses, 54 one-bedroom units and 59 two-bedroom units.

The application proposes 180 vehicular parking spaces in three levels of underground parking, including 97 residential parking spaces, 19 visitor parking spaces, and 3 barrier free spaces.  As for bicycle parking, 77 residential spaces and 19 visitor spaces would be provided.  Construction is now complete and Site Plan Approval has been issued.  The building is also fully occupied.


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