Decommissioned City Street Signs Now Available


Here is your chance to own a piece of Toronto.

The City of Toronto's Transportation Division will sell decommissioned street name signs to the public.  These are signs that have been replaced by newer, easier to read signs.

The signs will be available via an on-line auction through Platinum Liquidations.  They will be displayed for 60 days and sold separately with a starting bid price of $30.  More details on how to participate in the process can be found on the company's website at

Currently, the City has about 1,750 signs in its inventory that can be purchased.  It is expected that between 200-300 signs will be available per year. 

In 2007, Toronto Council adopted a program to replace damaged signs with the new signs which are larger and easier to read than the old signs.  Every year, the city replaces about 1,800 street name signs due to age or damage to the existing sign.

Not all signs that are removed from city streets will be available for purchase.  Signs that are completely unreadable or are in extremely poor condition will be recycled instead of being offered for sale.  It is anticipated that new signs will be posted daily.

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