Community Weighs in on Design of New Junction Triangle Library: Library Will Replace Existing Perth/Dupont Branch (

In an article posted by on January 18, 2018, a couple of residents shared their feedback regarding the upcoming new Junction Triangle Library construction, expected to be completed by 2021. I am pleased that the community will be able to utilize this new multi-purpose space once completed, and I invite residents to provide their feedback at or in person at the Perth/Dupont library branch. 

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Community weighs in on design of new Junction Triangle library 

Library will replace existing Perth/Dupont branch ( 

Junction Triangle Library render

An artistic rendering of a 14-storey mixed-use building at 299 Campbell Ave., designed by Teeple Architects. A new 10,000-square-foot library will be located on the ground floor. - TAS/Teeple Architects/Phot


For Scott Dobson, the tiny Perth/Dupont library in Toronto’s Junction Triangle neighbourhood is “the beating heart” of the area.

“It really is a crossroads where people meet, discuss, collaborate and get to know their neighbours,” he told Metroland Media Toronto.

A new 10,000-square-foot library will replace the 3,600-sq. ft. location in the near future, which Dobson said will make it “a bigger focal point in the community than it already is.”

He was one of dozens of residents who showed up to Perth/Dupont Jan. 17 for a community meeting to start the design process for the new branch.

It’s part of a 14-storey mixed-use condominium project at Dupont Street and Campbell Avenue built by developer TAS and will replace the existing branch, which is currently one of the smallest libraries in Toronto Public Library’s (TPL) network.

The library will be designed by Building Arts Architects, which has done work for TPL in the past.

“I think the thing the new space could do that this space couldn’t do is be multi-purpose,” Dobson said. “The space can adapt to different uses all within, say, the same day so that something for a large number of people could happen, then on the same day, a bunch of little events could happen so the library can be able to shift its ability to accommodate different sizes of collaboration, and that means it will be able to serve way more people than this branch.”

The latest design shows the library’s entrance at the corner of Dupont and Campbell. It will be on one floor and will provide lots of natural light due to large glass windows.

Perth/Dupont will remain open during construction, which is expected to start in the spring and finish by 2021.

Jason Lewis, who lives near the new location, said he sees an opportunity to make the library unique.

“Something I enjoy in libraries is walking around the collections, through the stacks and discovering things that you wouldn’t stumble upon when you’re doing an online search,” he said. “In a lot of libraries, the shelving is very rudimentary and industrial, so seeing some of the architect’s previous work with a lot of their woodwork, I thought there could be some neat opportunities to not only expand the collection that they have here, but to create some beautiful bookshelves.”

Other ideas tossed around included adding more computers, children’s spaces, community spaces for meetings, other events and more.

Davenport Coun. Ana Bailao (Ward 18) said she would like to see the library’s design and collection reflect the area’s history.

“People love to learn about the history of this community. People love to learn and honour the things in this community,” she said. “I really hope there’s a bit of that covering civic involvement, community building and how you do that.”

TPL staff said at the meeting focus groups will be created and more public consultations will take place.

Residents who missed the meeting can provide their input by visiting in person at Perth/Dupont.

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