Community Update on Yesterday's Meeting with the Matador Ballroom from Councillors Bailão and Layton

Dear Neighbours,

Further to our community update released earlier this week, we are pleased to share with you news of a productive meeting held yesterday with us, the Matador Ballroom and the Mayor's Office.

Everyone recognized that there is a disagreement between Toronto Buildings and the Matador Ballroom with respect to the legal non-conforming status of the property and that City Councillors do not have the power to change this determination. There is an appeal mechanism that exists which is outside of the political process.

We are pleased to say that the Matador Ballroom has positively received our publically expressed commitment to work with them, local residents, and City Planning staff through a rezoning process should they choose to pursue this path. We will be organizing a meeting with the Matador Ballroom and City Planning to discuss this process in more detail. If this process is pursued, everyone believes that it will be very important for the community to be involved every step of the way.

The Matador Ballroom is a very special building in our community that should have a place in our city's music community. We look forward to working with the Matador Ballroom and all community members to hopefully achieve a positive outcome that everyone can be pleased with and proud of. We look forward to continuing to keep you updated in the coming weeks and months.

In community,

Councillors Ana Bailão and Mike Layton

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