Community Benefits through 158 Sterling Development

158_sterling.pngFor the last three years, I have been working hard to deliver a positive community plan for the 158 Sterling site by bringing all parties together – including the developer, local residents, Nestle and City staff. After so much work to negotiate a solution that worked for the local community, I am pleased to announce that a plan has been approved! This development will include:

  • A brand new park
  • A new 36 space day nursery for infant care
  • New affordable housing
  • 40% of units are 2 & 3 bedrooms designed families
  • Restoration to the Heritage building
  • Three new buildings dedicate to employment space
  • New entrance to the West Toronto Railpath

This project will bring new residents, new businesses, new jobs and new services to our community. The community and I expressed concern about the need to keep employment opportunities in the area. As a result, this project also includes three buildings dedicated to employment to ensure that our community is well-served with jobs and opportunity. A further community concern I was able to address was development height, which will now be significantly lower than the existing heritage building on the site.

The combination of affordability, community services, residential and employment will make this a great new neighbourhood for residents to live, work and play in our community.

I will continue to work hard to ensure this project represents the best possible planning for our community.

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