Close the Housing Gap Rally Report


As Co-Chair of the City of Toronto's Close the Housing Gap Campaign, I am pleased to present our Rally Report and our call to action.

More than 400 people overflowed City Hall Council Chambers on April 28, 2015 in a show of support for the Close the Housing Gap campaign. This report highlights the ideas and suggestions expressed at the rally.


  • Help spread the word with campaign buttons and posters.
  • Ask your elected officials to support the Close the Housing Gap campaign.
  • Organize Close the Housing Gap events in your area; request a speaker to participate in your event.
  • Send tweets about the campaign using #CloseTheHousingGap or share this report on social media.
  • Sign the petition to receive updates and participate in upcoming activities.

For information on the campaign and how you can become more involved visit the website: or contact Nicole Stewart at [email protected]

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  • Jeff Slater
  • Eric Lombardi
  • Luis Fernando
  • Jack Edwins
  • Frank Marra
  • Pajan Kazemi
  • Regina Dos Santos
  • Kathryn Cramer
  • Diane Lauziere
  • Maria Vital

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