City hires company to clean up graffiti vandalism in Toronto


The City of Toronto has hired Goodbye Graffiti, a Toronto-based graffiti removal company, to help reduce the amount of graffiti vandalism in Toronto.

The contract will see Goodbye Graffiti clean up graffiti vandalism on City property and, through Municipal Licensing and Standards investigations, on private property. The contract is valued at approximately $400,000 a year for up to five years.

Goodbye Graffiti will remove graffiti vandalism from City corporate buildings and recreation facilities, from all right-of-way infrastructure, such as bridges, and from City parks and water facilities. Toronto Community Housing will also use Goodbye Graffiti to remove graffiti vandalism from its buildings, equipment and grounds. The company can also provide cleanup services on private property stemming from investigations conducted by Municipal Licensing and Standards.

For City of Toronto residents who have received a Notice of Violation for graffiti vandalism on their private property, which requires that they arrange and pay for its removal, Goodbye Graffiti has offered a 15 per cent discount on its services as well as to remove any hate- and violence-related graffiti free of charge.

This initiative is part of the City's Clean Toronto Together campaign to keep Toronto streets clean and free of litter, posters and graffiti vandalism.

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