Christmas Tree Pickup Delay

XmasTreePickup.jpgWard 18 Residents have contacted my office because Christmas tree pickup did not take place on the scheduled day. Many areas in the City have missed collections due to weather delays and equipment failure. Please leave your Christmas tree at your pick-up point until it is collected. As well, I am re-positing further information from the City of Toronto regarding residential Christmas tree pickups:

The City has specific collection days for natural Christmas trees in January. Check your calendar for specific dates. If you have a Christmas tree for disposal after the schedule collection day, please keep your tree until yard waste collection begins in the spring (if your tree is longer than 4 feet, you must cut it in half for it to be collected as yard waste in), or trees can be dropped off at a City Transfer Station that accepts yard waste.

Christmas trees are collected separately, in separate trucks so that they can be processed and composted. Christmas trees are taken to transfer stations, chipped and used internally by City divisions. The wood chips are not available to the public.

The following items must be removed before placing the tree at the curb. The City will not collect Christmas trees set out in plastic bags or tree bags.

  • tree bags
  • tinsel
  • ornaments
  • nails
  • tree skirts
  • stands etc

Trees should be clear of snow and ice and easily accessible for collection.

Single Family residential Christmas tree collection
To find out your Christmas tree collection day please visit the City of Toronto website.

Night Time Collection - RUAC (Residential Above Commercial) & Houses on Main Roads, check your calendar for Christmas Tree pick-up dates. Calendars are available on the City of Toronto websiteShould it not be collected, all items must be removed from the street and placed out again during the proper time or risk of by-law infraction

Contact 311 to report a missed Christmas tree collection.

Multi-residential properties
Contracted services: Multi-residential properties receiving garbage collection from the City's contractor (Miller Waste) will receive a separate collection of Christmas Trees in January. Please refer to your Miller Waste collection calendar for the schedule.Contact 311 to report a missed Christmas Tree collection.

In-house collection: Multi-residential properties receiving collection for City in-house crews will receive Christmas Tree collection according to the Residential day schedules. Please visit the City of Toronto website.

All or Nothing Policy

  • The non-residential program is for properties that qualify for City collection. Recycling and organics collection will be provided at no charge ONLY to customers using authorized bag/bins/carts/front-end containers for city garbage collection. If a non-residential property uses a private company for "regular waste", they cannot have organics or recycling collected by the City.
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