Bloor Street Resurfacing and Sidewalk Reconstruction Update


Resurfacing of the roadway and the reconstruction of the sidewalks has begun along Bloor St. West. Shovels have hit the ground between Montrose and Lansdowne on October 1st and at the present time, workers on Bloor Street West, approaching Dufferin Street.

Crews began construction at Havelock Street and are heading towards Lansdowne Avenue. Once they reach Lansdowne Avenue, they will start work on the north side of Bloor Street West and continue in the direction of Montrose Avenue. At Montrose Avenue, they will switch to the south side of Bloor St. West and work westward towards the project starting point, at Havelock Street.

The local Bloordale and Bloorcourt Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) are now seeing their streetscape improvement plans come to fruition. These include:

  • · Public art – steel cut flowers embedded in sidewalk
  • · Parklet treatments – Gladstone, Westmoreland, Emerson, Brock and Margueretta
  • · Additional trees – 49 more than were there before construction began

The existing trees, which are currently housed in planters, will be removed and new trees will be planted in continuous tree trenches. There will be a 22% increase in the amount of trees replaced and which, with the help of the new tree trenches, will grow to a larger size and live longer. Not only will this save the money by needing to replace unhealthy trees less often, but it will contribute to a fuller more robust tree canopy.

Another important part of the Bloor resurfacing is the additional bike parking. There are currently 232 "Ring & Posts" on Bloor Street, which will be reinstalled as the sidewalks are reconstructed. Additionally, 15 brand new Ring & Posts will be installed on Bloor St. West, and a total of 16 bike parking units will be installed on flanking residential streets. I have asked the contractor to provide notice next to the bike rings on Bloor St. West to ensure that cyclists have plenty of time to remove their bicycles before the contractor reaches the area. I have also asked that any bicycle that is not removed on time by its owner, and subsequently removed by the contractor, be stored in a safe place by the contractor.

I will continue to meet with both the contractor and the project coordinator on a regular basis to ensure this project is delivered as quickly as possible, and with minimal impact to area residents and businesses. 

City of Toronto staff have started a blog for this project and you can find out the latest information by visiting:

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