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In March 2011, Toronto and East York Community Council requested City Planning to conduct a review of lands abutting the CN railway, which form the western boundary of Ward 18. The Study did not look at land use as this was being considered through the Municipal Comprehensive Review, but focused on opportunities to improve this area and better connect it to the surrounding neighbourhood. The result will help the City to proactively respond to any development proposals in the area and plan for the long-term investment and revitalization of these lands. The Study responds to a unique combination of factors including relatively large industrial sites lacking local infrastructure immediately bounded by stable neighbourhoods. In addition, the area is under increasing development pressures. 

City staff, and I worked with members of the community to develop a vision for new development and direct infrastructure investment within the Study Area. In addition, an inter-divisional staff team worked on the project and were involved in developing the recommendations. The Study outlines short-term and long-term recommendations pertaining to parks, the transportation network (including new roads, bikeways, parking and walkways), heritage buildings, urban design and community services and facilities.


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