Dufferin Street Transportation Issues - Meeting Summary

29 Dufferin Caravan

Major road re-construction work is under way on Dufferin Street between Dundas and Peel and the Dufferin Bridge was recently closed. As a result the 29 Dufferin bus has been temporarily re-routed to Brock Avenue.

For these reasons, I hosted a public meeting to deal with Dufferin Street Transportation Issues on July 10th, 2013 at McCormick Community Centre

I was joined by approximately twenty residents from the area, plus staff from the TTC and Transportation Service for this important public meeting.

After I welcomed everyone and opened the meeting, Transportation and TTC staff were asked to outline the scope of the construction work and reasons that Brock Avenue was chosen as the detour route for the 29 Dufferin bus.

Residents responded with many concerns and voiced their disappointment that TTC did not give more advance notice of the decision or give residents the opportunity to provide input on the proposed route. 

Throughout this meeting, I sought to move discussion toward solutions that could make this situation better for local residents. With this goal in mind and with support from those who attended this meeting, I have asked the TTC to investigate the following:

-       Confirm that bus will not operate on Brock Avenue between 12AM-5AM. All bus traffic during these hours should be routed to Lansdowne Ave.

-       Ensure that any additional bus traffic due to the CNE be channelled down Lansdowne.

-       TTC Supervisors monitor the busses on Brock very closely, in order to ensure that:

  • Bus traffic only flows southbound; no northbound busses on Brock Ave under any circumstances.
  • Busses travel at a safe rate of speed.

-       Investigate the possibility of splitting half of the day-time bus traffic between Brock and Lansdowne.

-       Take a second look at using Gladstone Avenue instead of Brock Avenue (the TTC reported that it would be problematic for busses to make a left turn onto Dufferin after getting to Queen St.)

Our community was eager to make the situation better by addressing TTC issues and we also sought out constructive, long-term solutions to some of the traffic issues on Brock Avenue. I am therefore requesting City Transportation Services to investigate the following:

-       Create a curb cut at the crosswalk on the east side of Brock at Delaney.

-       Look at changing the railing, adding a stop sign and/or mirror at Florence and Brock.

-       Perform a traffic count on Brock Ave. and investigate the installation of speed-humps.

Toronto Police and Fire Services staff, who continually work to promote and protect safety in our neighbourhoods, have been asked to play an enhanced role during the Dufferin re-construction process. Police have been asked to increase speed enforcement on Brock Avenue, to look into crossing guards for the Shirley Street Public School and to make motorists (including TTC drivers) more aware of their speed by installing a speed display sign at Brock and Dundas. For their part, Toronto fire is double-checking that the busses running down Brock would not impede fire response capabilities.

My office will follow up with the TTC, Transportation, Police and Fire Services to ensure that each of these requests is addressed in a timely manner and I look forward to communicating the results to area residents.

Please contact my office by telephone 416-392-7012 or email [email protected] if you wish to discuss these issues further.

Thank you for your involvement with this issue.



Ana Bailão

Toronto City Councillor

Ward 18, Davenport

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