AGCO Enforcement of Liquor License Conditions

AGCO_application.jpgSince my election, I have been very proactive in ensuring that the many small businesses located in Ward 18 are supported and that they active with a respect recognizing nearby residential neighbours.

One important tool to ensure this positive relationship is to impose conditions on establishments serving alcohol. Through liquor licenses, it is possible to enforce when an establishment closes at night, how loud the music is, how many people can occupy the patio, etc. This has been a tremendous benefit to local residents and in guiding area businesses to promote a strong connection between groups in the community.

Recently, whoever, the provincial body that enforces these conditions, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, has stated they will no longer be providing enforcement for these conditions.

I have serious concerns that this change will put at risk the positive work we have already put towards building strong relationships between residential and business in our community.

Along with my Council colleagues, I will be strongly pressing the province to maintain their responsibility in enforcing these conditions. As always, I will continue to work with residents and business owners to ensure that our community continues to be a vibrant, comfortable, and safe place to live, work and play.

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