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Our city is in an affordable housing crisis. One in five households are paying more than half their income on rent. This federal election can be a turning point for a renewed federal role in affordable housing – a role that the federal government used to play proudly.

We know that there is a strong business case for the provincial and federal governments to invest in TCH units and prevent the closure of 7,582 units by 2023. We know that if there are more affordable rental and home ownership opportunities for Torontonians, we can create a solid foundation for hundreds of thousands of people.

The City is doing what it can with the powers that we have to address this pressing need. We have committed to fund a fair one thirds share of TCH's 10-year capital plan. Mayor Tory and I announced the Open Door Program earlier this year and the first results are currently before City Council with 82 new affordable units proposed to be built on the City's 200 Madison Ave site. Work is currently underway to identify even more opportunities to build affordable housing.

I also believe that we have a moral obligation to ensure that our most vulnerable Torontonians have a safe and decent place to call home.

There are 93,515 households on the affordable housing waitlist in the City of Toronto alone. 40% of those households include children under 17 years of age. Another 34% of those households are seniors. If we fail to act now, we will be letting generations of our children and seniors down.

As a way to raise awareness, my office has developed a series of affordable housing related infographics based on publicly available facts and figures. I am encouraging you to utilize these infographics in any way you feel necessary to advance our City's affordable housing needs through social media.

You can download these easy to share jpeg images by clicking here

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