A Boost to Affordable Housing in Toronto: Toronto's Housing Advocate Welcomes Provincial Strategy Update

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March 14, 2016

A Boost to Affordable Housing in Toronto:

Toronto's Housing Advocate Welcomes Provincial Strategy Update

Today, action on affordable housing is being given a boost through the release of the updated Ontario Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy. Toronto welcomes the Provincial commitment to work with governments and housing stakeholders to tackle homelessness and affordable housing.

"Implementing the strategy will be a key ingredient to making progress on affordable housing in Toronto", said Toronto’s Housing Advocate, Councillor Ana Bailão. "We welcome the actions outlined in the strategy and are pleased to see many of our own recommendations included".

Key actions outlined in the strategy and the recent Provincial budget which will improve housing opportunities for the residents of Toronto include:

  • Providing a framework to leverage social housing assets to renovate existing homes and build new housing
  • Providing greater flexibility to municipalities to meet social housing service level standards
  • Creating a new portable housing benefit for vulnerable and precariously housed residents
  • Providing municipalities the ability to adopt inclusionary zoning measures to create affordable housing, and
  • New funding to provide housing allowances, increase the supply of new supportive housing, and do energy retrofits to existing rental buildings.

Toronto will continue working with the Province and housing stakeholders to implement the actions outlined in the strategy. "We must continue to make progress in addressing the diverse housing needs of Toronto residents", remarked Councillor Bailão. 

"We are pleased to see that the Province is proposing new inclusionary zoning measures to provide for affordable housing in new residential developments." Toronto has consistently requested the Province provide new inclusionary zoning powers for over a decade.

"Today's announcement comes just one week before the March 22 Federal Budget", said Councillor Bailão. 

"Toronto eagerly anticipates the release of the Federal budget as I am very hopeful that we will see specific Federal actions and funding aimed at providing much needed economic stimulus, and new measures to improve the City's existing housing, while providing new housing opportunities for the people of Toronto.”

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Media Contact:
Robert Cerjanec, Executive Assistant to Councillor Ana Bailão
416-338-5274, [email protected]
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