Toronto Councillors seek improvements to TTC’s “Sufferin’ bus” (Inside Toronto)

In an article posted on August 16, 2016, Inside Toronto discusses the 29 bus which runs from Wilson Station to Exhibition Loop. The route, which is in much need of improvement has prompted the TTC chair Josh Colle and I to request the city work on solutions to this route.

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Toronto Councillors seek improvements to TTC’s “Sufferin’ Bus” (Inside Toronto) 

TTC chair Josh Colle and Councillor Ana Bailao say area growth straining 29 Dufferin Bus
Dufferin 29 bus

A southbound Dufferin 29 bus stops just north of Bloor Street. - Metroland file photo

The 29 Dufferin bus, grudgingly known by its users as the “Sufferin’ bus”, is in need of additional improvements in the eyes of two councillors.

Councillor Ana Bailao for Ward 18 Davenport along with Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) chair Josh Colle (Ward 15 Eglinton-Lawrence) requested the TTC and city planning collaborate to work on a solution for the route.

“Some improvements are done, but it’s a route that’s under a lot of pressure lately and it still has major issues,” Bailao told The Villager, adding the improvement isn’t good enough.

“It’s still an issue and we wanted to make that clear.”

The reason for the motion is both Bailao and Colle noticed the surge in development in the area adding pressure to the strained route. According to Bailao’s office if all active and potential residential developments are built, the area north of Bloor St West to just north of Wilson Avenue could see a population growth of 54 per cent.

South of Bloor Street West to Exhibition Place has a potential population growth of 69 per cent while employment-related development could see the number of jobs increase by 41 per cent.

“In order to prevent a scenario like we have in CityPlace or Liberty Village where transit came way after all the condos were built, we have to be proactive,” Bailao explained.

“These things take time to implement so it needs to be done as the developments are coming in.”

The ‘29’ bus runs from Wilson Station to the Exhibition Loop through the Dufferin Corridor. The pair suggested solutions such as breaking up the route and making a new depot, offering express bus service along with creating possible route changes to better connect with the Toronto York Spadina Subway Extension and the Eglinton Crosstown line.

“These are the things we want them to start looking at; start thinking outside the box,” Bailao said.

“This is why it makes so much sense to have these things looked at while development is going on because if we need infrastructure this is the time to do it.”

A recommendations report is slated to be submitted in the first quarter of 2017.

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