640 Lansdowne March 2017 Update

Last November, I hosted a community meeting to discuss our community's vision and priorities for the vacant TTC lands at 640 Lansdowne Ave. As you may know, the 1/3rd of the site closest to Lansdowne Ave is zoned for mixed use development while the remaining 2/3rds are zoned for employment uses.

At the community meeting and in other communications from residents, I have heard from many of you that our neighbourhood would like to see:

  • Low to Mid-Rise Seniors Housing on the Mixed-Use Lands
  • Green Space for a Park on a Portion of the Employment Lands
  • Support Services for Seniors and/or Artist Spaces on the Employment Lands

I have listened to the community and these suggestions will form the basis of the City's approach to these lands with respect to future development. I will be ensuring that there will be plenty of public consultation in the future and will work hard to ensure that any development fits within the character and addresses the needs of our community.

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