640 Lansdowne Ave Update December 2015


As many of you are aware, the TTC owned land at 640 Lansdowne Avenue was contaminated by previous industrial uses from the surrounding area. Following a lengthy legal battle between General Electric and the TTC over this contamination, an agreement was finally reached earlier this year.

As a result of my efforts and for the City and TTC to do its due diligence in facilitating the eventual transfer of this land, work is presently underway to complete the environmental testing process on the site to determine the current situation and next steps. This will include a Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Assessment and a Remedial Action Plan. These steps are necessary to ensure that something actually takes place on the land.

I have been informed that this work has started yesterday, meaning that action is taking place after many long years of this site sitting vacant and nothing happening.

This site has also been identified as a potential site for affordable housing through the City's Open Door Program. I would like to caution that everything is still very much in the preliminary stages and I will be updating the community as this issue progresses and the picture becomes clearer. If you would like to read more about the Open Door Program, I encourage you to click here. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact my office at [email protected] or 416-392-7012.

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