100 in 1 Day: Ward 18 "Interventions"


Portraits by Kids is your chance to get unique, one of a kind portrait of yourself, painted on the spot by an amazing kid! Exclusively at Dundas West Fest, courtesy of the Parent Council (& the kids) at Givins Shaw Public School.


Buzz on the Bridge is a community building event centred around the Wallace Avenue pedestrian bridge and the West Toronto Rail Path at Wallace Avenue. People of all ages will be coming out to bring some life and maybe even some nature to the bridge. Local artists and musicians will be displaying their art and entertaining passers-by. There will be children's art angle to the event where kids can get involved in bringing some life and colour to this space. Theme will be focused on bees, butterflies and their importance as pollinators in our ecosystems.

Slow Dance – No Excuses: How often have we said to each other "let's go dancing!", only to then drop out at the last minute? NO MORE EXCUSES! We have a dream, a dream to have a community dance like in the “olden days”. Communities used to gather and celebrate together, with dances and dinners, in public and in their homes, at their local legion halls, and in their barns, and neighbours all knew each other by name. The Dundas St. Clarens Parkette is a little patch of green that needs some loving. The local BIA and neighbours have been brainstorming ways to revitalize the parkette. Why not reclaim it by investing in communal activities? Imagine if we used parks as “outdoor civic centres” where we not only play, but we re-animate them as venues for pop-up art shows, community potlucks, choir practice, neighbourhood shindigs!

Black Envelope Challenge will provide challenges that promote community discovery and exploration of the Dundas West Fest. Participants are encouraged to share their challenges on social media and the Black Envelope website. Black Envelope will provide t-shirts and washable markers for participants to create beautiful, unique and wearable pieces of art. Participants can then share their inspirational designs with Dundas West Fest by wearing their creations and exploring the festival. Join us to explore and celebrate our amazing city, inspire others and, most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Being curious is what caused us to crawl, fall, laugh and cry. Is what motivated the great explorers and inspired innovators. Being curious is what encourages people to discover, learn and build up communities to create better neighborhoods. Curioh-city will bring citizens from across Toronto to participate in an urban scavenger hunt activity, to explore and get educated about the history of different neighborhoods such as Trinity Bellwoods, Little Portugal, Little Italy and Beaconsfield. By visiting local businesses and historical sites, citizens will become more aware of the urban landmarks, cultural diversity and social programs that are transforming communities. On June 7th, we welcome you in an urban adventure, running, walking or crawling. Come and enjoy a fun and dynamic activity that will enlighten your mind.

Inspirations Studio will be holding a City Love Intervention in front of 2480 Dundas on June 7th. The public will be invited to make or write a word or short message on a clay heart. We hope to make 100 clay hearts. With in a month, these hearts will be will be glazed and fired and tied to the rail bridge near the studio. On July 1 and after, people will be invited to take a heart off the bridge and tie it somewhere else in the city - and send us an image of its new location. These images will be posted on FB and Twitter.

Walk [Your City]: I'll be bringing the Walk Your City campaign to Toronto for the first time (that I'm aware of!) by ordering signs from the organization, which aims to promote walking culture as well as provide practical help to people considering their transportation options. The signs will be posted around the intersection of Queen and Dufferin, and will provide walking times and directional areas to green public spaces in the neighbourhood. To engage children in the campaign, we'll be rigging up my son's bike with a chalk-line drawing mechanism, to draw chalk lines and write words of encouragement along the sidewalks from the signs to the green destinations. We would welcome other parents and children to help create the chalk lines to more than one destination.

Convenience Stories: We are Stina, Maya, Emily and Lindsay. We are design students from OCAD U and we have an obsession. Convenience stores. Convenience stores act as a microcosm for each unique neighbourhood in which they reside. Through the stories we share - we are drawn to our convenience store as the barometer of the neighbourhood. This Jane’s Walk will explore and ignite a love and appreciation for convenience stores that you never knew you had.  This Jane’s Walk will be a reminder that when we appreciate our local mom and pop stores we create a sustainable future for the City of Toronto, where big box stores are constantly on the brinks of invasion.

Be ready to tell stories of a time when a convenience store had an impact on you. Stories from bad break ups, to skipping class in high school and that time you were short for change and the storeowner let you pay later for your parcels.


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